Sale Success Essentials Tools

Sale Success Essentials Tools

The sales tools I use are the best available today. They help me do what I do best: Sell Homes!


I use...


  • Cell Phone With E-Mail
  • The Web - Many Sites Utilized
  • E-mail
  • Voice Mail
  • Private E-Fax
  • Photo Galleries
  • Disclosures Online
  • Online Transaction Management (
  • Feedback Requests via
  • Outstanding Virtual Tours
  • Automated Information Systems (Audio Tour, Reports Online)


Why do these techologies work?


  1. Buyers want 24-hour, 7-day-a-week access to seller information by phone or computer. My system provides up-to-the-minute information on available properties around the clock. Buyers can call my toll-free telephone number and listen to full descriptions of all my listings (Home Tours by Phone); they can view listings here at my Web site, or they can request auto-faxed information on any property. Your home will always be highly visible to every interested buyer.


  2. My automated data systems obtain, organize, and optimize data on potential buyers, allowing me to quickly assess, rank, and contact the most likely full-price buyers first with the listing information they want. My ability to identify and attract the full-price buyer for your home far exceeds that of agents using old marketing methods.


  3. My coordinated marketing system makes it possible for me to respond to the needs and interests of potential buyers more quickly and accurately than other agents. I know immediately what information prospective buyers have requested from my toll-free number or Web site, so that when they hear from me I can provide them with exactly what they're looking for. Buyers using my Web site receive regular e-mail notifications of new home listings that match their search criteria--automatically! My marketing system is 100% proactive.


  4. I'm always available to potential buyers. My 24-hour, automatic, multiple-location paging system ensures that I know about every caller or Web site visitor contacting me - immediately. Being immediately aware of buyers means I am immediately available to buyers--and that means your home is immediately visible, as well.


Don’t waste time...

With my coordinated system of buyer identification and prioritization, up-to-the-minute, 24-hour contact management and response, multi-pronged marketing methods, and technological capability, I can guarantee you the best opportunity you can find to make your home sale an unqualified success.

My Marketing Plan

Our goal is to maximize your profits by having your home sell quickly and for a great price and terms. To do so it needs to be well priced, staged, and marketed and it needs to be seen by as many qualified buyers as possible—so must have great exposure and traffic. The following services will be performed in the marketing and sale of your home to accomplish these goals:

1. Provide an objective analysis of your home and the current market.

2. Review with you the Competitive Market Analysis and provide counsel as to your best pricing strategy.

3. Provide you with the disclosures and review them with you so they are as complete and accurate as possible to avoid any escrow or post-sale issues. We want you to keep all the money you make!

4. Provide you with a suggested list of pre-sale inspections and explain the benefits of each one in terms of your bottom line. Review inspections with you and determine which improvements or repairs would be most important in the sale of the home and in a return on investment. Help to locate professionals to perform work, as needed.

5. Assist you in staging your home so that it is "show ready" and will fetch top dollar, inside and out, once placed on the MLS.

6. Once the home is ready, digitally photograph the home for print and internet use. Buyers love photos, so the more the better!

7. Have home professionally videotaped for viewing on multiple websites (,,,,, and many more).

8. Create and deliver color flyers, with multiple photos, highlighting the features of your home and to help convey the benefits of owning your home to potential buyers.

9. Obtain copies of keys and place a set in the electronic lock box to facilitate showings. This lock box captures the date, time, and names of agents showing your home. The easier it is to show your home, the higher the amount of traffic—and more traffic means a higher sales price to you.

10. Submit your home to the Multiple Listing Service as soon as your home is ready to be seen by thousands of Realtors and buyers online.

11. Supply an Intero Real Estate Services yard sign which provides quality professional positioning.

12. Install brochure box for flyers on sign post and a rider sign directing potential buyers to my internet site so they can obtain more information on your home.

13. Order a professionally recorded "Audio Tour" of your home using the latest technology to provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to information on your home AND capture the phone numbers of all callers for follow up.

14. Create a "Home Book" detailing your home, to include information on the house and property itself but also the area (schools, neighborhood, and other items important to a buyer).

15. Order color postcards to inform neighbors of your home's availability as neighbors can be an excellent source of prospects for your home, often they know someone in their circle looking for a home just like yours.

16. Network with all Silicon Valley Intero agents and a select group of top producers from other local brokerages in person, by phone, email, and/or fax regarding your home's availability (features, broker's open date/time, open house schedule). Networking sells homes!

16. Create extensive market exposure by submitting your home's information to multiple internet sites, and enhancing these sites as possible. These, in turn, "push" your home to many more sites (AOL, MSN, YAHOO, etc.). Where possible, I enhance these with multiple photos, the virtual tour, extra text, and html (to make bullet points and other visual improvements):

17. Install your home as a "Featured Home" on my personal web sites (with additional text, photos, a link to the virtual tour, etc.):

18. Submit open house advertising to Intero for exposure in the San Jose Mercury News and local paper (Saratoga News, Los Gatos Times Weekly, etc.).

19. Contact my own database of clients by email regarding your home, as applicable.

20. In most areas, host a "Broker's Open House" for the real estate board tour. Homes usually sell twice: first to the real estate community, and through them to a buyer. (In some regions, Caravan Tours are done instead, and these are not as useful.)

21. Open Houses to be held Saturdays, Sundays, or both as agreed upon with you.

22. Follow up on Open House for Brokers

23. Follow up on Open House for Public

24. Follow up on showings (I can pick up cards from you but to hasten the turnaround you may wish to phone me with the names & contact info of showing agents) to get feedback from agents and their buyers.

25. Counsel other agents when showing your home to encourage prospective buyers to buy now.

26. Provide you with ongoing personal communication regarding showings, inquiries, marketing, market conditions and all relevant activity by telephone, mail, email.

27. Help assure that your potential buyers are well qualified to purchase your home.

28. Review all offers in detail and provide negotiation representation of your interests.

29. Coordinate the closing of your sale with other Realtors, lenders, inspectors, appraisers, escrow officers, insurance agents, and anyone else relevatnt to the transaction.

30. Provide post sale follow up to assure your total satisfaction.

Contact Information

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