Cambrian Home Sale

Cambrian Home Sale


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AIf you're thinking of selling your Cambrian Park home, you probably have a lot of questions, including these
  • What's my Cambrian Park home worth right now?
  • How is the real estate market in Cambrian at the moment? Is it a good time to sell?
  • Contact info for Mary Pope-Handy, Realtor, CRS, ABR, E-Pro, SRES, Cambrian Park real estate specialistHow are sales in Cambrian Park different from other parts of San Jose?
  • How important is it to prepare my home to sell? what do I need to do?
  • What's the competition like right now? What's for sale in Cambrian Park?

    And a few more questions...
  • I'm a senior who's downsizing and I have a lot of stuff that I have accumulated over the years. Can you suggest a way to help me go through this difficult process?
  • I need to sell fast.  How long does it take to get ready to put my home on the market? 
  • I want to talk to someone about possibly doing a short sale
This page is here as a resource to help answer these questions and more.  Nothing takes the place of a conversation with a qualified real estate professional, though, so when you are ready to chat with an experienced, local Realtor, please give me a call or send me an email!  If you like what you see here, please share it with your Cambrian neighbors!

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What's My Cambrian Park Home Worth?

Property Analysis for real estate market activity anywhere in Santa Clara CountyI have a lot of web based tools to facilitate as much information sharing as possible.  One of them, my Real Estate Report, includes a section which enables you to enter your address and see what other homes are currently for sale nearby, which ones are "sale pending" and which ones have closed recently.  This is the Property Analysis tool - please give it a try!  There is no registration required, and you can input any residential address in Santa Clara County. This will not tell you precisely what you're home's worth but it will give you a good sense of what's happening in your part of Silicon Valley.
Additionally, there are several online sites which will give you automatic, computer-generated home values.  The trouble is, they are often wrong because they do not factor in aspects which matter to buyers, such as school district boundaries, views, or proximity to other things which improve or detract from value.  To get an overview from several sites at once, see  Please keep in mind that the numbers there may or may not correlate to your home's actual value in today's market. 
Request a free online market analysis for your Silicon Valley home at www.SiliconValleyHomeValue.comIf you would like to have the numbers for you by a human being (me) who's an experienced Cambrian Park Realtor, please email me about your property or fill out a form online at Any extra information you provide will improve the accuracy of the range I give you.  If you'd like the most accurate pricing information, please contact me to set up an appointment for me to view your home.  I will then run the numbers, spend some time analyzing them, and provide you with the "probable buyer's value" for your home.
How's the Cambrian Park Real Estate Market right now?

I'm creating this page in the spring of 2010, and right now there is a lot of demand for homes that are worth between $500,000 and $600,000, which is a large part of the Cambrian inventory. At the moment, interest rates are low but rising, tax incentives are in play for the federal government a little while longer and the state tax credits are about to kick in.  We have been seeing many multiple offer situations for the homes that are in good shape, well staged and priced aggressively - some homes selling 10% or more above asking price.  (That's still not happening with most homes, just those that did all of the preparation work correctly.)  In most parts of Cambrian, it IS a good time to sell right now.
Cambrian Park San Jose Real Estate ReportDisclaimer: The Cambrian real estate market varies from one price point to the next and from one neighborhood to the next.  Sometimes it even varies street by street!  Homes in the Hacienda Gardens area bordering Willow Glen will really be in a different market than houses near Alta Vista School on the Los Gatos border or homes along Vista Loop which come close to the Almaden Valley border.  All of these will be different from condos in the 95118 part of Cambrian, townhouses in the 95124 area of Cambrian Park or other houses in the large unincorporated tract behind Cambrian Park Plaza.

To get a broad overview of Cambrian as a whole, I have a wonderful resource in my Santa Clara County Real Estate Report.  Click below to see the most current
Cambrian Park real estate statistics for single family homes  (houses and duet homes) and
Cambrian Park real estate statistics for condominiums & townhouses.(condos and townhomes)
Additionally, you can use the pull-down menus on the Real Estate Report to see how the market is doing countywide, see how neighboring communities such as Almaden Valley, Willow Glen, Campbell and Los Gatos are faring, and view the data in other cities and districts of San Jose throughout Santa Clara County.
Altos Research Report page on Cambrian Real Estate 
I also use statistics and data from Altos Research and keep a page displaying real time Cambrian Real Estate Market activity & stats here on this site. Altos uses list prices, by the way, rather than sales prices, so the information offers a different angle from my real estate report. Click the following link to access the Altos Research real estate report page for Cambrian Park homes.
One more resource on the market - I have written quite a lot of posts about the Cambrian Park real estate market in my Valley of Heart's Delight blog.  Here's a link to all my articles on the Cambrian realty market.

How Important Is It to Prepare My Home to Sell?

Most homeowners (probably 95% or more) are primarily interested in the bottom line, that is, how much they "net", or end up with, when selling their home - after all, it is most people's biggest asset.  If you spend a dollar and make two or three dollars back, it can be a wise investment, and that's what most staging and home sale preparation intends to accomplish - making you money. If your main priority is to maximize your sales price, you'll want to do a little preparation so that can happen. 
Questions that Cambrian Park home sellers ask about preparing to sell their homes."But buyers can always choose their own colors if they paint and carpet later!", many sellers will say.  Buyers usually cannot see the potential of a home, only what is evident to them when they tour it.  For that reason, most Realtors suggest doing some cleaning, decluttering, pruning, primping and staging so that your home will looks its best, attract the most interest among qualified buyers and then sell at the best possible price (and usually do it fairly quickly, which is an added bonus). 
For homeowners, this first requires a mental shift from the house, townhouse or condo being "my home" to it being "Cambrian Park real estate to sell".   To get top dollar, it's important to get your home into top shape, and that means depersonalizing it and making it "show ready".

Once you understand the reason for the effort, that is, that it benefits you to do it, it's a lot easier to move on to the next step, which is to decide how to get it all done.  There are many services available for people who want assistance in preparing their home inside and out, decluttering and downsizing.  I can introduce you to gardeners, handymen, and stagers who will even assist or help to delegate to others some of the hands-on work that can be so time consuming or exhausting (so can many other real estate professionals).

For more info on this topic and a checklist of things to do, please see my article on my website, "Staging Your Silicon Valley Home".

Inspections and disclosures - do we really have to do them before selling our Cambrian Park, San Jose, home?The Second Part of "Preparing" is Making the Condition of the Home Fully Known to the Buyer

Also important for getting top dollar is providing info on the home's condition to buyers before they ever write an offer.  Buyers who are comfortable with their knowledge of the property tend to write stronger, higher priced offers and usually do not fall out of contract later.  So completing your disclosures and having pre-sale inspections will create the confidence that leads to better offers. I also have an article on this topic on my website, so if you'd like to know more about having inspections prior to selling your Cambrian home, please read "Pre-Sale Inspections".
What Cambrian Park Homes are For Sale Right Now? What's the Competition?

In addition to using the Real Estate Report Property Analysis tool discussed above, you can browse all homes on the market in Cambrian Park (also without needing to register or sign in). Click as desired to see

Homes for Sale in Cambrian Park which are priced up to $1,000,000
Homes for Sale in Cambrian Park which are priced over $1,000,000
 Private Home Search - Santa Clara County, San Jose, Cambrian Park homes for sale
You can also request a private home search for your zip code., size of home, school district, etc.  Just visit and complete the registration for an organizer followed by your search parameters and I will set it up for you. Please note that it will be automatic AFTER I get it set up, but sometimes I'm not at my computer when your request comes through. If for any reason you submit a search and do not get a functioning organizer within a couple of hours, please email me and let me know in case it is not showing up on my side of the system for some reason. 
Working with Seniors, Moves, Real Estate Transactions and Transitions

Working with Cambrian Park senior home sellersI have personally worked with a number of my own relatives as well as other clients in downsizing and moving over the years, and I know first hand how challenging it can be, especially if the move is prompted by some sort of loss (loss of health, loss of a spouse, etc.). I also know that most of the time, seniors have been in the same home for a very, very long time.  The emotional attachments are strong.  The number of possessions - representing a lifetime of memories - can be overwhelming.  And energy may be lacking.  Worse, close relatives who wish they could help more are sometimes very far away.

Since I have helped so many of my elderly relatives, and also worked with some family members as well as other clients after the passing of a loved one, I did some special training as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist a few years back.  There are lots of resources available to make the move and all the work involved, more doable.  I can provide those to the elderly home seller or to his or her adult children who are assisting.

In some cases, it's best if the senior home seller moves out prior to selling the home.  It can often be easier on the seller to not have disturbances and need to change the routine so much to facilitate a sale.  And it can create a higher sales price if the home is more accessible and without a seller present too.  We can discuss this, but depending on circumstances, this may be a way to move ahead. There are other strategies, too, which minimize the impact on the senior home seller's life while maximizing his or hers return on the real estate sale.

Selling one home and buying anotherI  Need To Sell My Cambrian Home Fast.  Can We Do That?

Yes - it's doable.  Ideally, it's helpful to have a week or two between when the listing agreement is signed and the first potential home buyers come through the door.  Sometimes, however, there is a real need to rush.  In that case, we can sign the papers one night and get the home on the market a few hours later. 

When possible, more time is better so that the home seller can stage and so that the Realtor can do the practical things like write up marketing, take flyers, get the disclosures printed and inspections ordered.   It is ideal to "hit the ground running" rather than put it on the market and play catch up, but if there is a real need to hurry, that's certainly possible.

"I Would Like to Talk With Someone About Possibly Doing a Short Sale"

Short sales should never be entered into lightly or quickly.  Many times, there are better alternatives which will benefit you, the Cambrian Park homeowner, much more than a short sale would.  Often there are negative reprecussions to a short sale which might outweigh any perceived benefit.   It may behoove you to seek a loan modification first, for example.  There are nonprofit credit counseling agencies which will assist you Short sales may cause new problems while solving others, please proceed cautiouslyat no cost or at a very low cost.  One of these organizations is SurePath.  They will provide you with unbiased information on what your options may be.  Please beware that some agents may be encouraging distressed homeowners into a short sale as a cure-all to financial ails.  Do not presume that this is a one-size-fits-all fix.  A short sale may cause more problems that it solves in some cases. Always talk with a nonprofit credit counseling agency as one of your first moves when in trouble with your mortgage.

Here's a suggestion list for you, though, if you think a short sale is the way you want to proceed:
  • Do a lot of research online or at libraries initially - see if you would be stuck with a deficiency judgement if you did a short sale
  • Contact a qualified tax professional, such as a Certified Public Accountant, to discuss tax and other ramifications from doing a short sale in your circumstance. In some cases, you may not owe federal tax, but may still owe California state taxes on any forgiven debt.
  • Also contact a lawyer who's well versed in short sale to ask about other ramifications from a short sale with your set of circumstances - will this impact your credit, and if so, will that hurt the interest rate you pay on credit cards, your ability to get insurnce, etc.?
There are a lot of qualifiers that can change the impact of a short sale from one homeowner to another.  Sometimes it is the best solution, but often it's not really viable, either because you and your situation do not qualify for a short sale (link to a post I wrote on this topic) or because the ramifications are much, much worse than doing a loan modification, having a foreclosure or some other solution. 
A Pre-Listing Booklet to Answer Even More Questions About Selling Your San Jose Home
There are many more questions you may have about selling your home in the San Jose district of Cambrian Park.   Many of them will be answered with a 60 page booklet full of information about the home selling process.  The link here is to a pdf of this pre-listing booklet, so if you click on it, it will upload to your computer. No registration required to get it, but I would appreciate your feedback if you upload and read it!   Contents include:
  • questions to consider when hiring an agent
  • common real estate myths on home selling
  • prioritizing
  • my marketing plan to sell your home
  • preparing your home to sell (more info)
  • tips for showing your home
  • last minute showing tips
  • client testimonials
  • info on Mary Pope-Handy
  • moving checklist
  • a real estate glossary
About Mary Pope-Handy, Top Cambrian Park Realtor and a Book to Assist Cambrian Home Sellers

I enjoy selling homes in Cambrian Park and lived there for 10 years myself, so know the area very well (my family and I now live in Los Gatos, about 2 blocks from the Cambrian border).  In my career, which began in early 1993, Get The Best Deal When Selling Your Home in Silicon ValleyI have sold homes all over Cambrian Park (and nearby areas), in both the 95124 and 95118 zip codes, in all school districts, and all home types: new homes, fixer uppers, typical ranch style homes, and upscale homes on large lots or near the foothills. 
I'm a second generation Realtor and Santa Clara County native - so literally "grew up" both here in Silicon Valley and in a real estate family.  Having played in the orchards, I remember our beloved valley as "The Valley of Heart's Delight" and have worked to share local history with others through my blogs and websites.

A few years back, I co-authored a book, "Get The Best Deal When Selling Your Home in Silicon Valley".  Should you decide to meet with me to discuss your home selling options, I'd be very happy to provide you a copy of this book as my gift to you. You can also find it online at Amazon and in some of our local bookstores.

Web marketing is my specialty, and if you list your home with me, your property will get fantastic exposure on the internet.  Want to read my blogs?  My main two are (aka The Valley of Heart's Delight blog) and www.LiveInLosGatos.  I have a lot of websites, the main ones being and

I am one of the top Realtors in Santa Clara County, usually in about the top 5% of all agents here.  I have won many awards for real estate sales production, for service within the realty community, and also for my blogging, which has received national attention.

If you'd like to learn more about me and the way I work in my real estate practice, please see my profile and view my video on my website.  You can also read testimonials from some of my past clients, too.

Mary Pope-Handy, Silicon Valley Realtor, contact informationI welcome the opportunity to chat with you by phone or in person about your home selling plans, questions, and hopes. Thanks for visiting!
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