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Suggested Reading

We have compiled a few resources that are especially helpful for prospective buyers. With so many great ways to save time and money, we believe you can never be too prepared! Click here if you would like us to help you find something specific!

Preparing to Buy a Home in Silicon Valley

How may I assist you to buy a Silicon Valley home? I can make the process of buying a Silicon Valley home easier, more enjoyable, less time-consuming, and less costly than it would be if you worked alone. I will help you prepare so that sellers view you as a preferred buyer, help you find and anayze Silicon Valley homes for sale that match your wants and needs, and help you through the myriad details attending the actual purchase.

Why Buy a Silicon Valley Home?

The Benefits of Home Ownership

Pre-Qual vs Pre-Approval Letter

Pre-qualifying for a loan makes you an appealing buyer in the eyes of the seller. It states that you have conversed with a lender and verbally appear to be able to purchase a home up to a certain amount.

Deciding Where in Silicon Valley to Buy

Choosing between a smaller house in an affluent neighborhood, an older, bigger house in a working-class community, or a brand-new home is not always easy. If you're in this situation, start by examining your priorities and making some comparisons.

Evaluating Silicon Valley Homes

We will thoroughly discuss your needs and wants before we focus your housing search in Silicon Valley, San Jose, Los Gatos, Cambrian, Almaden, Saratoga or elsewhere in Santa Clara County. Here are some things you can do to prepare for our conversation:

Abbreviations Used in Real Estate Ads

If you find yourself stumbling over weird acronyms in Real Estate listings, don't worry. There is a method to the madness of this shorthand (which is sellers use to save money in advertising charges). Here are some definitions that may help:

Viewing and Assessing Silicon Valley Homes for Sale

Once we've determined what kind of home you are looking for, in what sort of neighborhood, and in what price range, we can start viewing open homes. Most people consider this the most exciting part of the home buying process. Because we will have already carefully considered your needs and wants, and pre-qualified you for a loan, your open home viewing will not only be fun, but efficient, as well. You won't be wasting time looking at undesirable or unrealistic properties.

Silicon Valley Home Inspections

A home inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home, from the roof to the foundation. Having a home inspected is like giving it a physical check-up. If problems or symptoms are found, the inspector may recommend further evaluation.

Getting A Silicon Valley Home Loan

Types of Loans Loans can have a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate. Fixed rate loans have the same principal and interest payments during the loan term. Variable rate loans can have any one of a number of "indexes" and "margins" which determine how and when the rate and payment amount change. If you apply for a variable rate loan, also known as an adjustable rate mortgage ("ARM"), a disclosure and booklet required by the Truth in Lending Act will further describe the ARM.

Loans: What To Do, Not To Do

Loan Do's & Don'ts

What Happens In Escrow?

What is Escrow? What happens in escrow?

What About Contingencies?

The Contingency Period is the time allowed by your Purchase Agreement to obtain financing, perform inspections, and satisfy any other contingencies to which your purchase is subject. Typical contingencies include:

Moving: The moving timetable

Print this moving timetable as a guideline

Moving: Checklist for moving

Checklist for moving

Community Resource: About Silicon Valley

All information for relocating to Silicon Valley

Community Resource: All About

Collection of article and information on the Valley of Hearts Delight

A View of Los Gatos History

by Mary Pope Handy

Free Silicon Valley Relocation Package

Request My Free Relocation Package. Don't Move To Silicon Valley Without It!

What Can You Buy for $1,000,000 in San Jose?

What Can You Buy for $1,000,000 in San Jose?

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